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2023 Cabrinha 03 Wing & Foil Lineup - Wing and Kite

2023 Cabrinha 03 Wing & Foil Lineup

2023 Mantis V3 Wing

Cabrinha is introducing a new lineup of wings for 2023, including the Mantis V3 wing. This wing is an upgrade from the previous year's model and features the new hard handle system, which allows for adjustments in pitch and distance from the strut. The hard handle system also has bushings on each end for customization and optimal performance. The Mantis V3 wing is perfect for those who prefer to leave the settings at standard, but also allows for experimentation to find the best fit for the rider.


2023 Mantis Apex Wing

The second wing in the lineup is the Mantis Apex, which is an upgrade of the Mantis wing. It features advanced materials, such as a new frame that is stiffer, lighter, and has a reduced diameter, which results in less drag and improved efficiency. This wing will provide you with increased top speed and a greater range. If you are willing to pay the premium for it, the Mantis Apex will be one of the most sought-after wings on the market from Cabrinha.


2023 Vision Wing

The last new wing for 2023 is the Vision. This wing takes inspiration from the Mantis, with a similar shape, but it has a few key differences. The Vision has a greater dihedral angle and more twist in the wingtips, which makes it more user-friendly and offers more "pull-and-go" for new or intermediate riders who are not solely focused on wave riding. The Mantis is known for its wave-riding capabilities, but the Vision offers a more versatile option for riders looking for a do-it-all wing.


MkII Foil System

The next thing to be excited about is the release of the MkII foil system from Cabrinha. They are introducing new sizes for their Fusion foils, which are designed to be faster and more streamlined. They have also made some small adjustments to improve the overall user experience. Additionally, they are launching the MkII H Series wings, aimed at experienced riders looking for high-performance foils that provide more speed, glide, and range. These wings come with new sizes and refinements for improved turning and added options for riders.



Hollow Carbon Masts

The Cabrinha carbon foil masts are an exciting addition for this year. They are constructed using a hollow design and are incredibly stiff and lightweight. Additionally, new sizes - 74, 84, and 94cm - have been added to the range, expanding the options for riders. The connection between the mast and the fuselage has also been improved for better stiffness and intuitive riding. It's also worth noting that the new design is backwards-compatible, allowing for the use of older wings with new masts and vice versa, making the system more accessible for those who have already invested in the brand.