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AFS Alien Foil Evolution Pack

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Current price $2,889.00
Foil: Performer 1450 Stab 260 Alpha Mast 85 Fuselage Performer
Board: Fly 5'3
Wing: Wilf 4.0

Evolution Pack

This pack will allow you to get start and progress beyond the beginner phase with wing foiling.

The Performer foil (1450, 1650, 1900 for the front foil and Performer RS stabilizer) brings glide by its finesse while remaining accessible by the large and efficient front foils. Riding with a carbon foil allows you to learn faster (lighter foil and therefore faster take off), to have direct sensations with the added bonus of zero maintenance.

The Alpha masts have been specially developed to optimise your performance. If you are looking for more glide, more maneuverability while having light and rigid material, these masts are made for you!

The AFS Fly is a versatile and comfortable range of boards. Their TOMO shapes bring stability and glide to take off quickly. Compactness allows to the rider to evolve and gives great feel. A Fly board suitable for all practitioners and all levels.

The 6'6 and 7'4 have Rail and Stern Cut-outs, about half the depth of the Fire,(while retaining the Sloped Stern of all Fly models), which significantly enhances the take off and touchdown performance of these larger models, retaining accessible riding for beginners, while delivering excellent long term performance for larger or less agile riders.

The 7'4 also features a single (central) forward set US finbox, enabling the owner to fit an accessory fin, to make it much easier to keep directional control and improve upwind performance when taxying or only achieving occasional flights and has a full rail to rail EVA deck grip wrap for extra protection and rider comfort.

The AFS Fly is built on a PVC glass sandwich base. From 5,2 kg, we follow a unique manufacturing process during which all layers of fabrics, reinforcements, and cases are applied in a double-shell mold, then baked following a process allowing an ideal polymerization of resins for a perfect reproduction and an optimal weight/solidity ratio. The resin used for the construction of our boards is a biosourced epoxy SR GreenPoxy (more than 33% of the molecules come from plant sources)

The new AFS WILF is the latest generation of wingfoil wings. Accessible and efficient, it is suitable for all user profiles (beginner to expert).


Its compact and stable profile allows you to jibe without worrying about your wing and especially to surf without thinking about it. Indeed, the variable diameter of the leading edge provides maneuverability and less bulk. A thicker leading edge in the center avoids any deformation of your WILF in high range or of your jumps. A thinner diameter at the ends allows the WING to “breathe” to optimize fluid flow.


The spinnaker tension has been maximized to obtain a wide range of use. This taut profile allows you to generate a constant force in order to go into lightwind. The hollow of the WING is marked by an additional panel between the batten and the spinnaker. This will give you a direct sensation and efficient pumping.


The spinnaker is the Teijin T9669, reference in the world of kitesurfing, allowing to bring an increased solidity. Various reinforcements have been added to the leading edge providing abrasion resistance. After various tests, the positioning of these reinforcements was done in a practical and thoughtful way in order to have one of the lightest WINGS on the market.