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by F-One
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Expected release date is 15th Apr 2024

The essence of the initial experience is reborn with the ORIGIN, the latest wing from F-ONE. True to its name, the ORIGIN revives the effortless, cozy sensation of our inaugural wings, which introduced numerous enthusiasts to the excitement of wing foiling for the first time.

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An accessible, light, and forgiving wing

  • Legendary pumping and easy take-offs
  • Optimized design for extra lightness and comfort
  • Impressive freefly abilities in light wind
  • Equipped with our new interchangeable handle system

The ORIGIN has been crafted with the aim of introducing newcomers to the sport of wing foiling, leveraging F-ONE's accumulated expertise and the latest advancements. It's also designed to evoke the fond memories of our initial wing models for those who yearn for the simplicity and joy of their early foiling days. The ORIGIN incorporates years of Sail Engineering advancements, showcasing cutting-edge designs alongside the newest technologies and materials.

A standout performer in light wind conditions, the ORIGIN is an exceptionally user-friendly, lightweight, and forgiving wing. It's designed for effortless riding, enabling the simplest of take-offs with minimal effort and just the right amount of speed. Both novices and seasoned foilers will find its efficient and intuitive pumping action, due to its flexible design, a joy to experience, along with its exceptionally smooth lift-off. It's the most gentle and plush wing in our collection.

The ORIGIN simplifies power management, requiring minimal adjustments once airborne. Just sheet in and experience the ease of foiling it offers. Its moderated speed ensures a ride that's free from unnecessary strain or exhaustion.

Suited for a wide array of enthusiasts, the ORIGIN is the go-to wing for those eager to log extensive hours on the water, especially riders using larger foils and boards who seek straightforward power for initiating planing. It's an ideal starting point for beginners desiring a top-tier wing that promises room for growth and skill development.

Its notable lightness distinguishes it from other models, making it an excellent choice for freeflying in lighter winds. The ORIGIN is a valuable addition to any quiver, especially as a go-to option for lighter wind conditions.

In 2024, all our wings are fitted with our new interchangeable handle system. Whether you’re looking for a light and comfortable setup with soft handles, a more direct and aggressive ride with hard handles or something in between with our innovative hybrid handles, we’ve got you covered.
Wings come with soft handles pre-installed, but swapping a handle set between wings is quick and easy thanks to our screwless setup. Soft handles: A classic on our wings, our grippy, ergonomic and super comfortable handles allow for some flexibility so your wrist is always in line with your arm. Attached to the wing’s webbing by a Velcro system, these handles benefit from a light yet firm construction that doesn’t include any hard parts.

Hybrid handles: An F-ONE innovation, these are soft handles that are connected to the wing’s webbing by a hard base. It will lead to a more direct feel in your hands for more performance and control, while still fully benefiting from the comfort and grip of the soft handles.

Hard handles: Offering more efficient pumping and a more direct feedback, these hard handles are ideal for riders seeking control and precision.

Boom: For those who need maximal freedom, the boom lets you position your hands completely freely. It’s the perfect option for freestyle.


Drawing inspiration from the STRIKE and SWING models, the ORIGIN has been specifically tailored to maximize lightness and comfort. The introduction of staggered seams ensures the fabric and its seams synergize more effectively, maintaining a smooth and efficient wing profile while minimizing shape distortion under stress. This meticulous control over the wing's profile ensures unmatched stability and comfort throughout the ride.

To evenly distribute tension, small radial incisions are made on the wingtips and the rear of the strut. Precise alignment of fibers along the load paths significantly enhances the ability to control stretching, achieving unparalleled control in a wing. Our advanced Load Diffuser, positioned at the strut's rear and consisting of layered Mylar and Dacron panels, plays a critical role in preserving a streamlined and efficient profile, which translates to superior stability, performance, and durability.

The strut and the leading edge's two central segments on either side are constructed from HITEX 158g, a high tenacity polyester known for its exceptional resistance to stretching, thus ensuring enhanced durability and performance. The rest of the leading edge utilizes Dacron 150g to ensure the wing remains lightweight and comfortable. The ORIGIN's canopy features TECHNOFORCE™/D2 fabric weighing 52g, with a heavier 66g variant used on the trailing edge, mirroring the STRIKE's material strategy. This careful material distribution accounts for the varying tensions, pressures, and weight distribution across different areas. Similar to the latest versions of our wings, the ORIGIN's central strut is designed to be completely straight, enhancing our control over its deformation and potential twisting and effectively reducing drag. Consequently, the infill is somewhat lowered and exhibits less deformation, extending nearly to the wing's rear.